Spectral Fusion

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The notion of timbre implies fusion. It considers the quality of sound of a number of integrated components into a single sonic entity and attributed to a single real or imagined source. Spectral fusion is a key to the identification of timbral identity. In his writings Denis Smalley prefers the term integration. (Source - Jean-Claude Risset (1991). "Timbre et synthèse des sons", in Le Timbre, métaphore pour la composition. (Ed. J.-B. Barrière) pp. 239-260. Paris: IRCAM/Christian Bourgois.)


See also:

Discourse within Electroacoustic Music, Source Bonding, Source Recognition, Spectrum, Timbre



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Di Scipio, Agostino (2000). An Analysis of Jean-Claude Risset’s {Contours}
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