Open Form

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Works in open form consist of discrete sections or elements that can be ordered differently for each performance of the work, either freely or based on a set of pre-determined constraints.



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Bonardi, Alain, Rousseaux, Francis (2004). Un exemple de médiation numérique opératique : l’opéra interactif sur CD-ROM {Virtualis}
Dack, John (2004). “Open” Forms and the Computer
Saariaho, Kaija, Hoitenga, Camilla, Karttunen, Ansi, Barrière, Jean-Baptiste, Stoianova, Ivanka, Mathieu, Jean-Baptiste (1999). Prisma
Thorington, Helen (2005). Breaking Out: The Trip Back
Trayle, Mark (1999). Free Enterprise: Virtual Capital and Counterfeit Music at the End of the Century


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