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Originally, music in which the sound material is not pre-recorded, but instead uniquely generated electronically, historically through oscillators and noise generators, currently digitally. There are some, particularly in the United States, who use this term today as a synonym for electroacoustic music. The German equivalent, Elektronische Musik has more precise historical connotations, referring to electronically generated post-serial composition that commenced in the early 1950s in the broadcast studios in Cologne. In French, electronic music is also currently used as a synonym for genres of popular electronic music such as techno.




- Introduction à l’histoire et à l’esthétique des musiques électroacoustiques: Session 1 - Quelques réflexions sur les relations entre le son et la musique ( French )
- Introduction à l’histoire et à l’esthétique des musiques électroacoustiques: Session 3 - Du sonore à l’artistique: le timbre musical reconsidéré ( French )



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