Experimental Music

Genres and Categories [G&C]  ]

1. Synonymous with avant-gardism (Paul Griffiths, Robert Fink and Herbert Eimert)

2. Music made in a laboratory (Lejaren Hiller, Pierre Schaeffer)

3. The performance of music of which the outcome cannot be foreseen (John Cage, Michael Nyman, Wim Mertens and Joaquim M. Benitez)

4. Music in which the innovative component (not in the sense of newness found in any artistic work, but instead substantial innovation as clearly intended by a composer and/or performer) of any given aspect of a given piece or performance takes priority above the more general technical craftsmanship expected of any art work

(Source - Leigh Landy (1991). What’s the Matter with Today’s Experimental Music? Chur: Harwood Academic Publishers: 3-7.)



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