Sound Design

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This term designates the work of someone who is involved with an interdisciplinary artwork in which the intention is holistic, namely, that the impact of the work is greater than the sum of its constituent parts. In other words, a sound designer normally makes a sound organisation for a specific interdisciplinary work in close collaboration with those representing the other art form(s). The sound organisation is most likely not an autonomous composition.



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Bandt, Ros (2005). Designing Sound in Public Space in Australia: a comparative study based on the Australian Sound Design Project’s online gallery and database
Cipriani, Alessandro, Giri, Maurizio (2010). ELECTRONIC MUSIC AND SOUND DESIGN: Theory and Practice with MaxMSP
Gates, Philippa, Rudy, Paul (2005). Spectromorphology Hits Hollywood: Morphology, Objectification and Moral Messages in the Sound Design of ‘Black Hawk Down’
Heiniger, Wolfgang (1999). Der Unsichtbare Interpret (The unseen interpreter)
Perloff, Nancy (2004). Hearing Spaces: David Tudor’s Collaboration on {Sea Tails}
Redolfi, Michel, ZanÚsi, Christian (1996). Entretien avec Michel Redolfi
Stelkens, J÷rg, Tillmann, Hans G. (Eds.) (1999). KlangForschung ’98: Symposium zur elektronischen Musik


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