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Beyond its origins in radio broadcasting, the term DJ (disk jockey) is now most commonly used to denote the live selection and mixing of records into sets to be danced to. It is now also commonplace for the DJ to be a musician who uses turntable and mixer technologies to create new music (as soloist or ensemble member), possibly supplementing standard DJing equipment with other instruments or devices for the manipulation and mixing of samples. The musical styles and influences that might be in evidence have proliferated from the origins of DJ culture in genres such as Disco, Dub, House and Techno. One context that has evolved in which DJs might display their talents is that of team turntablist competitions, where groups aim to out-do their rivals with their choreographed routines, technical virtuosity and originality of artistic content. The term ‘turntablism’ is in quite frequent use in this regard, as well as a general term for experimental musical practice.


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Hip-Hop, Turntablism, VJ Culture



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