Performance Space(s)

Performance Practice and Presentation [PPP]  ]

This is a very broad umbrella heading where you will find materials relating to the spaces in which electroacoustic music is performed or presented. Examples of topics particularly relevant to electroacoustic music studies include ; architecture, acoustics, relationships between performing spaces and performance practices, the performance of electroacoustic music in traditional music venues, non-traditional performance spaces, new performance spaces, installation art, interactivity, sound spatialisation, virtual spaces, and sociological perspectives on audiences and performance spaces.


See also:

Access (to Electroacoustic Music), Acoustics, Immersive Environment, Interactivity, Internet Music, Site Specific, Sound Art, Sound Installation, Spatialisation, Virtual Reality



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Alphabetical order - Chronological order

Burt, Warren (2001). Expanding Contexts for Computer Music: One Composer’s Experience
Chadabe, Joel (2004b). Look Around and Get Engaged
Emmerson, Simon (2001a). New Spaces/New Places: a Sound House for the performance of electroacoustic music and sonic art
Landy, Leigh (1998a). L’espace divisé vs. l’espace unifié (la separation est-elle en train de disparaître?)
Landy, Leigh (2002a). The Emancipation of Sound in that Box We Call a Theatre
Otondo, Felipe (2006). Shaping sounds in York Minster
Otondo, Felipe (2008). Contemporary trends in the use of space in electroacoustic music
Schedel, Margaret Anne (2004). Alternative Venues for Computer Music: SoundGallery_Living Room_ARTSHIP


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