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Expression derived from the notion of ’dynamic process’, a term used by composers of electroacoustic music to designate aspects of a piece, or part of it, which follow a dynamic structuring process. This can either result from a sound’s reference acquiring a musical function, or from the effect of the settings of the DSP devices which impose some sort of energetic evolution on sounds. The term ’dynamo’ is preferred to ’structure’ insofar as the latter is not always ’dynamic’.

The expression ’dynamic process’ should be avoided, because a dynamo can be less complex than a process : the idea of process may suggest a nexus of causes and effects, whereas a dynamo can imply a single and simple energetic function. (Source - paraphrase and edit of Rodolfo Caesar (1992). The Composition of Electroacoustic Music. PhD Thesis, University of East Anglia.)



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