Aural Landscape

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The analogy of aural landscape has been often used as a conceptual tool for describing electroacoustic music. It should be distinguished from the more precise meaning of Sonic Landscape or Soundscape used by Soundscape Studies researchers. In particular, the British writers Trevor Wishart and Simon Emmerson have used the term. Aural Landscape encapsulates sound’s inherent propensity to suggest physical space (both real and imagined) in playback, as well as listeners tendency to relate the aural to the visual (both real and imagined) when presented with works in an acousmatic situation.



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Barret, Natasha (1999). Little Animals: Compositional Structuring Processes
Wishart, Trevor (1986a). Sound Symbols and Landscapes
Wishart, Trevor (1996a). On Sonic Art - Revised Edition


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