Philosophy Of Music

Musicology of Electroacoustic Music [MEM]  ]

The consideration of key ideas regarding the fundamental nature of music, or aspects of music, as well as of music within the broader philosophical study of the history of ideas. Some traditional concerns of the philosophy of music are - aesthetics ; music and emotions ; musical expression, meaning and understanding ; performance and interpretation. Philosophical studies may also overlap with social or political studies of music. The philosophy of music is also concerned with ontological issues, or establishing what music is and what it is not. The study of electroacoustic music may draw upon traditional concerns of music philosophy, may highlight new areas of study (e.g. with the philosophy of technology), or may draw upon philosophical developments that were broadly synchronous with musical ones (e.g. phenomenology).



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Grossmann, Rolf (2008). The tip of the iceberg: laptop music and the information-technological transformation of music
Lyons, Andrew D. (2001). Ian Fredericks in Interview: Ideas of an Australian spatial synthesis and mixed media innovator
Palombini, Carlos (1998). Technology and Pierre Schaeffer: Pierre Schaeffer’s {Arts-Relais}, Walter Benjamin’s {technische Reproduzierbarkeit} and Martin Heidergger’s {Ge-stell}
Pecquet, Frank (1999). From the Model to Its Algorithmic Application
Richard, Dominique (1997b). Voices in the Desert: An ontology of the electroacoustic community
Richard, Dominique (2000). {Holzwege} on Mount Fuji: A doctrine of no-aesthetics for computer and electroacoustic music


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