Sound Production and Manipulation [SPM]

This major header in the Subject Index consists of relevant means employed in the sonic production of electroacoustic music.




- Practical seminar : Creating a simple electroacoustic piece in easy stages ( English , French )
- Digital Creation with Sounds and Music ( English , French )



English - Español - Français - Deutch - Italiano

Alphabetical order - Chronological order

Battier, Marc (2003e). Digital Creation with Sounds and Music - an online introduction
Bossis, Bruno (2003). Practical seminar : Creating a simple electroacoustic piece in easy stages
Bossis, Bruno (2003a). Introduction à l’histoire et à l’esthétique des musiques électroacoustiques
Bossis, Bruno, Couprie, Pierre (2003). Tutorials : sound and music applications
Chadabe, Joel (1997b). Electric Sound: The Past and Promise of Electronic Music
Eaglestone, Barry, Ford, Nigel, Clowes, Mark (2001). Do Composition Systems Support Creativity? – An Evaluation
Elliot, Kevin (1993). A Behavioural or Actor-Based Paradigm of Sound Production and Studio Composition
Howe, Hubert S. (1975). Electronic Music Synthesis
Manning, Peter (2004). Electronic and Computer Music - Revised and Expanded Edition
Manning, Peter (2006). The significance of {techné} in understanding the art and practice of electroacoustic composition
Naumann, Joel, Wagoner, James D. (1985). Analog Electronic Music Techniques: In Tape, Electronic, and Voltage-Controlled Synthesizer Studios
Pole, Giovanni de, Rocchesso, Davide (1998). Physically Based Sound Modelling
Roads, Curtis (1996c). The Computer Music Tutorial
Rudi, Jøran (1996). Electroacoustics in Norway - This Site Under Construction
Spain, Martin, Polfreman, Richard (2001). Interpolator: A two-dimensional graphic interpolation system for the simultaneous control of digital signal processing parameters
Taylor, Gregory (2002). An Interview with Carl Stone
Wishart, Trevor (1994). Audible Design: A Plain and Easy Introduction to Practical Sound Design




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