Structure, Musical [Str]

This header concerns musical structuring principles, in terms of both their apprehension through analysis and their function within creative processes.



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Alphabetical order - Chronological order

Bailey, Christopher (2004). An Interface for ‘Flat Music’
Barrett, Natasha (2002). Spatio-musical Composition Strategies
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Chadabe, Joel (1996). The History of Electronic Music as a Reflection of Structural Paradigms
Di Scipio, Agostino (2003). ‘Sound is the Interface’: From {interactive} to {ecosystemic} signal processing
Field, Ambrose (1996). An Introduction to Discovery Strategy
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Justel, Elsa (2002). Space As Structural Function In Electroacoustic Music
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Karpen, Richard (2003). An Interview with James Dashow
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Malt, Mikahil (1999). Reflexiones sobre el acto de componer (Thoughts on the act of composing)
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Miranda, Eduardo Reck (1998). The Role of Speech Synthesis in {Requiem per un veu perdida}
Newcomb, Robert Spalding (1998). Music in the Air: A theoretical model and software system for music analysis and composition
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Spiegel, Laurie (1999). Music as Mirror of Mind
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Truax, Barry (2000a). The Aesthetics of Computer Music: A questionable concept reconsidered
Young, John (2004). Sound Morphology and the Articulation of Structure in Electroacoustic Music




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