Digital Aesthetics

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This is an umbrella term for those areas of creative practice and research concerned with the degree to which current electroacoustic practice might be considered in terms of responses to specifically digital technologies. These digitial technologies include means of dissemination as well as production, and indeed those which blur the distinction between the two. The term generally implies post-modern modes of thinking as well as a clear ideological positioning in contrast to those in the analogue (i.e. frequently modernist) world.


See also:

Culture-jamming, Emergence, Hybrid Thinking, Interactivity, Internet Music, Intervention, Recycling, Sampling



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Marinelli Elisabetta (Ed.), (1995). Il complesso di Elettra. Mappa ragionata dei centri di ricerca e produzione musicale in Italia
Vidolin, Alvise (Ed.) (1980). Musica e elaboratore. Orientamenti e prospettive



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