Hybrid Thinking

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A term proposed by Simon Waters, hybrid thinking is concerned with a shift from a modernist context for the production and consumption of electroacoustic music to a more fluid and socially aware paradigm. The development of digital technologies (which imply a shift towards a ’sampling culture’), cultural pluralism and relativism, shifts in power and economic structures and other phenomena create a hybrid musical culture. In this hybrid culture, boundaries between art forms, musical genres, relations between disciplines and relations between producers and consumers of music are blurred in creatively enabling ways.



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Bach, Glenn (2003). The Extra-Digital Axis Mundi: Myth, Magic and Metaphor in Laptop Music
Johnson, Roger (1994). Technology, Commodity, Power
Marsh, Charity, West, Melissa (2003). The Nature/Technology Binary Opposition Dismantled in the Music of Madonna
Richards, John (2006). 32kg: Performance Systems for a Post-Digital Age
Théberge, Paul (2003). “Ethnic Sounds”: The Economy and Discourse of World Music Sampling
Waters, Simon (2000a). The musical process in the age of digital intervention
Waters, Simon (2000b). Beyond the Acousmatic: Hybrid Tendencies in Electroacoustic Music
Waters, Simon (2003). H-H-H-H-Hybrids


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