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The metaphors of motion and growth are appropriate ways of considering a time-based art like electroacoustic music. Traditional concepts of rhythm are inadequate to describe the often dramatic contours of electroacoustic gesture and the internal motion of texture which are expressed through a wide variety of spectromorphologies. Since motion and growth have spectral contours, they are set in spectral space. Therefore their occupancy of spectral space and their spectral density will be important additional qualifiers. In addition, motion and growth can be enhanced by actual spatial distribution. Motion and growth have directional tendencies which lead us to expect possible outcomes, and they are helpful guides in attributing structural functions. (Condensed from Denis Smalley (1997). Spectromorphology: Explaining Sound-shapes. Organised Sound Vol. 2, No. 2. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.)


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Gesture, Indicative Fields and Networks, Spatialisation, Spectral Space, Spectromorphology, Texture



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