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A term borrowed by Denis Smalley from literary/cultural theory (Linda Hutcheon (1985). Theory Of Parody. NY: Methuan) and applied to the semiotic analysis of electroacoustic music. It can be used as an aid to describing relationships between sounds formed through extrinsic meanings, as well as describing intrinsic/extrinsic relationships within contexts of works themselves.

Transcontextuality is a means of framing analysis of music based on sampling and recycling, as well as Soundscape compositions and Anecdotal compositions.

It is also a useful conceptual tool in attempting to describe what are sometimes loosely termed surrealist-like tendencies in certain electroacoustic works (notably, for example, those of Bernard Parmegiani).

The term Recontextualisation is also sometimes used.


See also:

Acousmatic, Anecdotal Composition, Discourse within Electroacoustic Music, Mimesis, Referential Sound, Sampling, Semiotics, Soundscape Composition



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