Dramaturgy of Electroacoustic Music

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A term borrowed from theatre which involves the verbal contextualisation of a work or an interpretation or performance thereof. In a sense, the dramaturgy of music is more involved with the question of ’why’ something takes place than the ’what’ or ’how’ of the endeavour. Dramaturgy has always been used to allow someone appreciating art to obtain a greater insight into artists’ intention. See, for example, Leigh Landy and Evelyn Jamieson (2000). Devising Dance and Music - IDEE FIXE Experimental Sound and Movement Theatre. Sunderland: University of Sunderland Press.



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VIDOLIN, Alvise (2005). Percorsi sonori di un teatro immaginario. Da {Noms des airs} a {Lohengrin II} di Salvatore Sciarrino




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