Socio-Cultural Aspects of Electroacoustic Music

Musicology of Electroacoustic Music [MEM]  ]

As music is a cultural phenomenon, the study of socio-cultural aspects of a given body of music assists in the greater understanding of the place of that music within a given culture at a given time. Electroacoustic music, representing such an extreme departure in music history has influenced culture considerably. This umbrella term concerns the study of electroacoustic music from points of view including sociological and anthropological ones.




- History of electronic music in Asia and the Pacific ( English )
- History of electronic music in Latin America and the Caribbean ( English )
- Introduction à l’histoire et à l’esthétique des musiques électroacoustiques: Session 4 - Ruptures technologiques: révolutions esthétiques? ( French )
- Young Digital Creators: The sound of our water ( English , French , Spanish )
- Young Digital Creators: Scenes and sounds of my city ( English , French , Spanish )



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