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A term used to describe explicitly politically motivated ’cultural intervention’ or ’appropriation’. In terms of electroacoustic music and sonic art, this may take the form of indulging in ’creative abuse’ with audio in one of the various means of media dissemination. Culture-jamming aims to symbolically and actually reappropiate power through its creative subverting of media and materials. Culture-jamming frequently subverts material taken from advertising media, and shares Plunderphonics concern with the perceived hypocrisy of copyright law.



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Cutler, Chris (2000). Plunderphonics
Cutler, Chris (2004). Pluderphonia
PARASKEVAÍDIS, Graciela (2000). Eduardo Bértola. Un retrato del compositor argentino (1939-1996) (Eduardo Bértola. A portrait of the Argentinean composer (1939-1996))
Richards, John (2006). 32kg: Performance Systems for a Post-Digital Age
Trayle, Mark (1999). Free Enterprise: Virtual Capital and Counterfeit Music at the End of the Century


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