Site Specific

Performance Practice and Presentation [PPP]  ]

Art work that is created in response to and intended to be experienced in a single geographical location, normally not that of a traditional performance venue.


See also:

Sound Art, Sound Installation



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Alphabetical order - Chronological order

Allick, Kristi A., Mulder, Robert C. F. (1993). Skyharp: An Interactive Electroacoustic Instrument
Bandt, Ros (2004). The Listening Place: Alma Park’s Cross Cultural Voices
Barrett, Natasha (2005). {Adsonore}
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Dunn, David (2001). Nature, Sound Art, and the Sacred
Föllmer, Golo (1999a). Klangorganisation im öffentlichen Raum (Sound Organisations in Public Spaces)
Heon, Laura (2005). In Your Ear: hearing art in the twenty-first century
Klein, Georg (2003). From the Sound Installation to the Sound Situation: On my work transition - {berlin - junction eine klangsituation}
Kubisch, Christina (2002). Digital Arts’ Black Sheep
La Motte-Haber, Helga de (1999c). Zwischen Performance und Installation (Between Performance and Installation)
Landy, Leigh (1998a). L’espace divisé vs. l’espace unifié (la separation est-elle en train de disparaître?)
Lane, Cathy, Parry, Nye (2005). The {Memory Machine}: sound and memory at the British Museum
Liverani, Massimo (2004). Interpreting a Garden: A Sound environment in the park of Villa Caruso Lastra a Signa, Florence, Italy
Otondo, Felipe (2006). Shaping sounds in York Minster
Pellarin, Lars, Böttcher, Niels, Olsen, Jakob Mejner, Gregersen, Ole, Sarafin, Stefania, Guglielmi, Michel (2005). Connecting Strangers at a Train Station
Perloff, Nancy (2004). Hearing Spaces: David Tudor’s Collaboration on {Sea Tails}
Rudi, Jøran (2005b). ‘From a musical point of view, the world is musical at any given moment’: an interview with Bill Fontana
Siegfried, Walter (1999). same time - same place: orts- und zeitabhängige Kunstformen (site and time-dependent forms of art)


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