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Spatialisation is perhaps the most all-embracing and general term used to describe the means by which loudspeakers are used to articulate or create a spatial musical experience for listeners in playback or performance. The term is wide-ranging from a technical, and arguably aesthetic point of view. It includes formats (e.g. Stereophonic, Ambisonic, Dolby), the placement and movement of sounds in space in any number of listening situations (e.g. concert hall, installation, virtual environment, cinema), and performance practices (e.g. diffusion, Octophony, and more recent developments in automated performance systems).


See also:

Ambisonic, Automated Spatialisation Systems, Diffusion, Loudspeaker Orchestra, Octophony, Panoramics, Quadraphonic, Site Specific, Sound Projection




- Introduction à l’histoire et à l’esthétique des musiques électroacoustiques: Session 1 - Quelques réflexions sur les relations entre le son et la musique ( French )



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GIOMI, Francesco, SCHWOON, Kilian (2005). Il continuo mutevole: {Altra voce} di Luciano Berio
Russo, Marco (2002). Lo spazio come fonte di ispirazione nella musica del secondo ’900




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