Historical Electroacoustic Instruments

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This term represents a collection of instruments that have been proven significant in terms of the evolution of the field. Although of great interest and significance to the development of electroacoustic music, the present form of this glossary has not attempted to provide a comprehensive list of individual ’early’ instruments.

(Bibliographical references and hypertext links will be supplied in this area during future development phases of the EARS resource).




- Introduction à l’histoire et à l’esthétique des musiques électroacoustiques: Session 2 - Une nouvelle lutherie ( French )



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ASUAR, José Vicente (1980). Un sistema para hacer música con un Microcomputador
BERMÚDEZ COSTA, Juan (1977). Nueva Generación de Instrumentos Musicales Electrónicos
BLANCO, Juan (2001). Para una historia de la música electroacústica en Cuba
DAL FARRA, Ricardo (2006). A Journey of Sound through the Electroacoustic Wires. Art and New Technologies in Latin America (Un voyage du son par les fils électroacoustiques. L’art et les nouvelles technologies en Amérique latine) {(Un viaje sonoro a través del mundo electroacústico. Arte y nuevas tecnologías en América Latina)}
PAVÓN SARRELANGUE, Raúl (1981). La Electrónica en la Música ... y en el Arte


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