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Ambisonics is a means of recording whereby a single channel is encoded into four independently controllable output channels. Spatial orientation during playback is created through the interactive and complementary behaviour of a (variably sized) group of loudspeakers. Loudspeakers during ambisonic playback tend to not be perceived as point sources, and ambisonics is seen by some as an effective means of avoiding the problems of diffused stereo performance practice, in particular the loss of spatial control when a listener is situated too far from the stereo ’sweet spot’.



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Austin, Larry (2001). Sound Diffusion in Composition and Performance Practice II: An Interview with Ambrose Field
Lloyd Anderson, Joseph (1999). What is Ambisonics and How can I get Some??
Malham, D. G. (1998). Approaches to Spatialisation
Malham, David G. (2001). Toward Reality Equivalence in Spatial Sound Diffusion

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