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The term scratching was coined to describe the practice of the real-time manipulation of 12-inch discs on highly adapted turntables. It grew up in US discos where DJs began to programme the records they played, running them together, cutting one into another on beat and in key, superimposing, crossfading and so on. Soon this developed to the point where a good DJ could play records as an accompanying or solo instrument, along with a rhythm box, other tracks or singing. New and extended techniques emerged: for instance the rhythmic slipping of disc to and fro rapidly by hand on a low friction mat to create rhythms and cross rhythms, alongside old Musique Concrète techniques: controlled speed alterations and Sillons fermé riffs. (Source - Chris Cutler (2000). Plunderphonics, in Simon Emmerson, ed. Music, Electronic Media and Culture. Aldershot: Ashgate.)


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