Sound Production and Manipulation [SPM]  ]

Sequencing is based on the use of an electronic system for the recording, editing, composing and reproduction of musical ’events’ in the form of control signals for a synthesizer (hence an alternative title, ’event recorder’) or sound files. Sequencing musical ’events’ is defined by the nature of these signals - analogue voltages in the case of a synthesizer based on voltage control, or digital in the case of those instruments using either a proprietary digital interface or, since the end of 1982, MIDI, now in universal use. (Source - Richard Dobson (1992). A Dictionary of Electronic and Computer Music Technology. Oxford University Press.)


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- Practical seminar : Creating a simple electroacoustic piece in easy stages ( English , French )
- Tutorials : sound and music applications (Mac & PC) ( English , French , Spanish )
- Digital Creation with Sounds and Music: Create ( English , French )
- Digital Music online course: MIDI and Sequencers ( English )



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Battier, Marc (2003e). Digital Creation with Sounds and Music - an online introduction
Bossis, Bruno (2003). Practical seminar : Creating a simple electroacoustic piece in easy stages
Bossis, Bruno, Couprie, Pierre (2003). Tutorials : sound and music applications
Corino, Gianni, Miranda, Eduardo Reck (2003). Digital Music: online tutorials on computer music
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