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FFT (or Fast Fourier Transform) is a tool used to represent graphically the spectral constituents of a sound. The sound is mathematically analysed and is reduced to its various overtone components in their dynamic evolution over time. The graphic representation of an FFT usually plots the amplitudes of the frequency bands over time, offering a highly readable and visual representation of the sound being examined. (Source - Rodolfo Caesar (1992). The Composition of Electroacoustic Music. PhD Thesis, University of East Anglia.)


See also:

Additive Synthesis, Envelope, Phase Vocoder, Representation



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Bossis, Bruno (2004a). {Mortuos Plango, Vivos Voco} de Jonathan Harvey ou le miroir de la spiritualité
Poullin, Jacques (1999). L’apport des techniques d’enregistrement dans la fabrication de matières et de formes musicales nouvelles. Application à la musique concrète
Risset, Jean-Claude (1969). L’ordinateur, instrument de musique


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