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Where (human) beings are heard to produce sounds, then we will tend to impute intention to the sonic event. We will hear it at some level as an Utterance. In particular, whenever the human voice is used as a source of sound in whatever context, the concept of Utterance will enter at some level into our apprehension of the event. This becomes particularly important in the sphere of electroacoustic music projected in the virtual space of loudspeakers where we can no longer rely on the physical and social cues of the concert hall. In general, non-music sounds produced by individual creatures may be taken to indicate or express something about internal state, reaction to environment events, responses to utterances by other creatures. At whatever level, the sense of Utterance, whether as indicator, signal, symbol, sign or syntactic or semantic-syntactic stream enters into our perception of the events. (Source - Trevor Wishart (1985). On Sonic Art. York: Imagineering Press.)


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Indicative Fields and Networks, Phonemic Object, Text-sound Composition



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