Synthesis and Resynthesis Techniques

Sound Production and Manipulation [SPM]  ]

Synthesis Techniques concern means of producing sound, electronically or digitally, in which no physical acoustic source is used (except possibly as a model).

Resynthesis Techniques concern the modification of exisiting recorded or synthesised sounds, generally through the application of a computing algorithm to some form of computer representation of the sound. Frequently Resynthesis Techniques will involve the creation of a new ’output’ sound based on the desired signal processing applied to the original ’input’ sound.

For the purposes of the Subject Index, specific Synthesis/Resynthesis Techniques may be looked up under this umbrella term.


See also:

Additive Synthesis, Cross-synthesis, Diphone Synthesis, FOF, Frequency Modulation Synthesis, Granular Synthesis and Resynthesis, Graphic Synthesis, Hybrid Synthesis, Karplus Strong Algorithm, Linear Predictive Coding, Phase Vocoder, Subtractive Synthesis, Synthesis Score, Synthesizer, Waveset Distortion, Waveshaping




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- Introduction à l’histoire et à l’esthétique des musiques électroacoustiques: Session 2 - Une nouvelle lutherie ( French )



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Bossis, Bruno, Couprie, Pierre (2003). Guía de utilización: Free softwares para sonido y música
NUÑEZ, Adolfo (1993). Informática y Electrónica Musical - 2da. edición, revisada




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