Musicology of Electroacoustic Music [MEM]  ]

The analysis of electroacoustic music and aspects within electroacoustic works pose several challenges, not the least of which is that this music represents the greatest leap in music history. New material, treatment of material, and structures are found and created on a daily basis. In consequence, the experience offered to the listener has been equally revolutionised. Clearly, traditional approaches to analysis can be applied to a certain extent (descriptive, structural), but in most cases these approaches have had to be supplemented by sound-based tools as the traditional parameters of instrument, pitch, rhythm and so on are not always appropriate. Elements such as timbre and texture as well as use of space can be at least as important. With this in mind, new strategies for postscriptive scoring from formal spectral to informal reception-based notations have been developed, and continue to do so. Various approaches with borrowings from psychoacoustics, acoustics, reception theory and other fields have equally been introduced. Ironically, few large-scale systems have been devised to assist in analysing electroacoustic work. Schaeffer’s early writings supplemented by Smalley’s contributions in spectromorphology represent important exceptions.


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Auditory Scene Analysis, Aural Analysis, Classification of Sound, Schaefferian Theory, Spectral Analysis, Spectromorphology



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