Subtractive Synthesis

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Based on the generation of complex waveforms or noise coupled to one or more filters, subtractive synthesis concerns the reduction of these complex spectra. The most extreme case would be the reduction to a pure sine wave. (Source - Dictionnaire des arts médiatiques:



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Borin, Gianpaolo, Poli, Giovanni De, Sarti, Augusto (1997). Musical Signal Synthesis
Risset, Jean-Claude (1993). Synthèse et matériau musical
Settel, Zack, Lippe, Cort (1994). Real-time Timbral Transformation: FFT-based Resynthesis
Ystad, Sølvi (1999). De la facture informatique au jeu instrumental
ZATTRA, Laura (2006b). La ’drammaturgia’ del suono elettronico nel Perseo e Andromeda di Salvatore Sciarrino (The ‘dramaturgy’ of electric sound in “Perseo e Andromeda” by Salvatore Sciarrino)


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