Constraint-based Composition

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A form of algorithmic composition utilising rules that govern allowable choices which could be applied to any parameter(s) of a musical composition. A constraint is a condition, or rule, that must be satisfied.


See also:

Formalism, Grammar, Serialism, Stochastic Music



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AMES, Charles (1983). Automatismi stilistici di {Gradient} (Stylistic automatism of {Gradient})
Burns, K. H. (2004). Algorithmic Composition
Kuivila, Ron (2004). Open Sources: Words, Circuits and the Notation-Realization Relation in the Music of David Tudor
Laske, Otto (2002). Subscore Manipulation as a Tool for Compositional and Sonic Design
Pritchett, James (2004). David Tudor as Composer/Performer in Cage’s {Variations II}

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