Genetic Art

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Artistic movement inspired by evolution theory in which the artist creates sounds and/or images which evolve following an autonomous genetic algorithm. Interactive genetic art allows for public intervention into this algorithm where choice determines factors used in subsequent mutation patterns. (Reduced from Dictionnaire des arts médiatiques:



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Berry, Rodney (1999). Feeping Creatures
Burton, Anthony R., Vladimirova, Tanya (1999). Generation of Musical Sequences with Genetic Techniques
Dahlstedt, Palle (2001). A MutaSynth in Parameter Space: Interactive composition through evolution
Degazio, Bruno (1999). La evolución de los organismos musicales (The evolution of musical organisms)
Gartland-Jones, Andrew, Copley, Peter (2003). The Suitability of Genetic Algorithms for Musical Composition
Järveläinen, Hanna (2001). Algorithmic Musical Composition
Mandelis, James, Husbands, Phil (2004). Don’t Just Play it, Grow it! : Breeding Sound Synthesis and Performance Mappings
Manzolli, Jonatas, Moroni, Artemis, Zuben, Fernando von, Gudwin, Ricardo (1999). Palatal Sound: An Evolutionary Approach to Algorithmic Composition
Thywissen, Kurt (1999). GeNotator: An environment for exploring the application of evolutionary techniques
Woolf, Sam, Yee-King, Matthew (2003). Virtual and Physical Interfaces for Collaborative Evolution of Sound


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