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Causality, a concept closely related to that of Gesture, is central to Denis Smalley’s spectromorphological thinking. Smalley writes: "Causality, actual or surmised, is related not only to the physical intervention of breath, hand, or fingers, but also to natural and engineered events, visual analogues, psychological experiences felt or mediated through language and paralanguage, indeed any occurrence which seems to provoke a consequence, or consequence which seems to have been provoked by an occurrence". Causality is of particular relevance to Acoustmatic listening situations. (Source - Denis Smalley (1986). Spectro-morphology and Structuring Processes, in Simon Emmerson, ed. The Language of Electroacoustic Music. Basingstoke: Macmillan.)


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Acousmatic, Gesture, Spectromorphology, Surrogacy



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