Écoutes Naturelles et Culturelles (Natural and Cultural Listening)

Musicology of Electroacoustic Music [MEM]  >  Schaefferian Theory  ]

This is one of two interlocking pairs of terms (ordinary/practical is the other one) related to reduced listening and to the quatre écoutes in Schaefferian theory.

- Natural listening is the "main and primitive tendency to use sound for information about the event" and it is expressed in the question: "What is it? Who is it? What is happening?" It corresponds, therefore, to écouter in the quatre écoutes.

- Cultural listening "turns away...(without ceasing to hear it) from the sound event and the circumstances which it reveals about its source and uses it as a means to grasp a message, a meaning, values" and is analogous with the quatre écoutes mode, comprendre. (Paraphrase of Michel Chion (1983). Guide des Objets Sonores. Eds. Buchet/Chastel, Paris. 1995 translation by John Dack/Christine North.)


See also:

Écoutes Banales et Practiciennes (Ordinary and Practical Listening), Quatre Écoutes, Reduced Listening



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