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Editing is the placement of sounds into a desired sequence. Editing tape is a proceedure resulting of the placement of sounds into monophonic sequences. Digital representations of sound allow for editing proceedures that may include non-linear assemblages, as well as editing and assembling across more than one track or voice. Editing allows for the detailed investigation of micro sonic structures, and formed one of the bases of Schaeffer’s analyses, classifications and composition. Editing allows one to radically intervene with the morphology or envelope of a sound as it was recorded, a proceedure of great importance in the analysis of sound, and of great creative potential. The term montage, borrowed from cinema, is sometimes used to refer to sound editing.




- Practical seminar : Creating a simple electroacoustic piece in easy stages ( English , French )
- Digital Creation with Sounds and Music: Process ( English , French )
- Digital Music online course: Editing ( English )



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