Audio-Visual Theory

Disciplines of Study [DoS]  ]

The study of how moving images and sound interact in audio-visual media such as film, animation, video art, music video, television.



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Cook, Nicholas (1998). Analysing Musical Multimedia
Giannakis, Kostas (2006). A comparative evaluation of auditory-visual mappings for sound visualisation
Giannakis, Kostas, Smith, Matt (2000). Auditory-Visual Associations for Music Compositional Processes: A Survey
MEYER-EPPLER, Werner (1955). Sichtbargemachte Musik (Visualised Music)
Normandeau, Robert (1993). ... et vers un cinéma pour l’oreille
Piché, Jean (2003). De la musique et des images
Schaeffer, Pierre (1960). Le contrepoint du son et de l’image
Whitney, John (1994). To Paint on Water: The Audiovisual Duet of Complementarity




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